Bmw e28 525eA 1987

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Bmw e28 525eA 1987

Мнение от ShadoWraceR » 03 Яну 2009, 21:24

And heare is My second Oldschool...Why e28..because e28 was my very first Bmw. And to remind the nostalgy...
Car is bought last year summer in german.
Pictures come later one.

Green Metallic paint, , spoilers - some damages.
Automatic transmission and m20b27 engine..Both leak a oli a littlebit - now is fixed :) kilometrage: 296 637

First Photosession:


Ex-owners of the shark:
1. Owner, a man from Berlin: Born in 1955. Owned the car 1987-1991
2. Owner, a church in Berlin. Owned the car 1991-1996
3. Owner, a man from Lübben: Born in 1940, Owned the car 1996-2000
4. Owner, a man from Lübben: Born in 1967, Owned the car 2000-2008.
5. Owner - Me :)

Later one is goming a full story of bringing the car from german to estonia, also a adventure to register car in Estonian Motor Vehicle Registration Centre
Power Of Dreams...

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Мнение от ///Ivan » 03 Яну 2009, 21:26

:welcome: :bowdown:

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Мнение от Penchev » 04 Яну 2009, 2:45

Hallo Harri , wonderful car - very nice and rare performance :yes:
Wish you many,many kilometers :arrow: enjoy 8)

I expect the second part of the story :D

Георги Пенчев

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Мнение от ShadoWraceR » 04 Яну 2009, 19:28

Now to start tell on very unestly its all started on a little nostalgyway when i remind my first bmw - e28 528.

And nostalgy start to go very very strong.
So i opend the website and started to search.
All searching was about one month long...And resolt: Nothing, absolutly nothing.
Finally i was dised to go and look 3 cars + some what i dosend miss so much.
And after ringing to all three cars owner i buy some plane tickets plus printed local train and carsell marek plans.

After buying a plane ticket i looked again website... And little panic of three cars was sold and second ad was missing in website...after little searching i find it again.

So: to plane, after landing to hotel and then start to look around in market...wheni saw it i was momental fall in love :lol: :mhihi:
Second car looking i forgot totally - so love i was :mhihi:
But i compel myself to sober look some mistakes...
i search and search but no big mistakes i haven mistakes :)
After chating with car seller and visiting local TÜV my way start to go back in home.
After crossing the Poland - German boarder start the real journey...As all know poland is a Quite big ride cross it to Estonia i had to ride about 1.5days..almost nonstop...So big is poland to Estonians :(
After Poland i was almost in home: Lithuania after almost 8 hours riding cross lithuania and latvia i was finally in home - Tallinn :)
All jorney was about 1550Km and after 29hours i was in home...

so was the travell when more questions then just ask...

and more my Shark:
e25 525e, with M20B27 engine, 4-gear automatic transmission and lookslike with a Pfeba spoilers...

All the way from German to Estonia was a little problem - cruise control wasnt working..i missed that a lot in poland... :( and now its working :)
and one pic heare on ending the story :)


car color is a "Smaragdgrün metallic"
Power Of Dreams...

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Мнение от ico-bmw » 01 Мар 2009, 17:21

nice car :D
Drive Only Cool Cars - E30 Baby :winky:

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Мнение от ivanko_90 » 17 Мар 2009, 22:05

your car is amazing :D
congratulations :yes:
Искам да карам сейфти кара (комбито) на F1

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Мнение от VesoPesa » 18 Мар 2009, 0:41

Just like in my dreams :angel: :twisted:
She's so beautiful :twisted:

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Re: Bmw e28 525eA 1987

Мнение от NeedHead » 30 Окт 2009, 16:58

Well,you are the 5th owner,but the car looks like new!!
Great Deal!!! :mhihi:
Life is Better SIDEWAYS!
bigmurzi написа:малко танкче :twisted:

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