New diagnostic equipment for BMW / Mini: Bavarian Technic

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New diagnostic equipment for BMW / Mini: Bavarian Technic

Мнение от galingaslt » 03 Фев 2009, 13:51

We distribute Bavarian Technic (tm) BMW diagnostic tool in following countries (dealers are welcome too):

Belarus (Russian spoken by telephone)
Estonia (Russian spoken by telephone)
Latvia (Russian spoken by telephone)
Lithuania (Lithuanian spoken by telephone)
Poland (Polish spoken by telephone)
Ukraine (Russian spoken by telephone)

Bavarian Technic is small sized, easy to use tool, that communicates with all control modules in 1993 - 2009 manufactured BMW and Mini vehicles.

What cars does it work on?

* 2005-2008 BMW 1 Series
* 1996-2009 BMW 3 Series
* 1996-2008 BMW 5 Series
* 2003-2008 BMW 6 Series
* 1994-2008 BMW 7 Series
* 2004-2008 BMW X3
* 1999-2006 BMW X5
* 2008-2009 BMW X6
* 1996-2002 BMW Z3
* 2002-2003 BMW Z4
* 2000-2003 BMW Z8
* All BMW M models
* Mini Cooper R50 & R56

Supports D-CAN protocol!

What does it do?

Bavarian Technic BMW diagnostic tool work extremely fast, comparing to famous GT1 tool.
Main advantage for this original tool is its price and functionality. More additional functions will be added as free updates later - customers will be surprised.

The tool accesses the electronic control units in your car to:

* Read and clear diagnostic fault codes
* Display shadow faults and soft faults
* Display and record real-time actual values
* Activate components of the car for troubleshooting
* Reset service reminders
* Reset condition-based service indicators
* Send special commands to control units
* Show ECU information
* Access the latest BMW DCAN systems for 2007+ models

What systems does it work on?

* Engine
* Airbag
* Transmission
* Alarm
* Central electronics
* Heating & A/C
* And much more.

How is your product different from the OBD2 products available?
Our product communicates with your car just like the factory tool does and can access all of the systems in the car. OBD2 was created for emissions-related problems and only covers a limited subset of your car's engine.

What are diagnostic equipment prices?

Professional kit and enthusiast kits available. Visit,EN/ for latest prices and information.

We deliver orders with EMS - fast and reliable courier.

Software updates, firmware upgrades and technical support included.

Online ordering with all available payment methods and main information available here:,EN/

Manufacturer website:
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